Thursday, 11 November 2010

Non Craft!!!

 They are installing mains drainage in our village at the present time and I thought you might be interested to see what it looks like outside our house at the moment. The noise and dust is awful and this is only the first stage, the next one it to use pneumatic drills to make links to each house, that will be really noisy!! We can't get the car near the house at the moment and have to have all the doors and windows closed. Work statrs about 7.00 am and goes on until about 5.00pm when it gets dark.

Thank goodness it is only 5 weeks until we go back to the UK for Christmas but knowing my luck it will all be finished outside by then


  1. Popped back to say Hi, Anne. Wow,quite a lot of work going on there as you say. Mind you I didn't think the work would carry on for that long during the day in a hot country but I guess by summer norms the weather must be cooler now.

  2. Patrizia the weather is cool here now only in the mid 20s!!!! in the summer it's up to 40+ which is why we go back to the UK then. The builders and agricultural workers don't work in August.


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